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Cymbomute WIDE RIDE 22/23 inch Ride Cymbal Mute (Pad Dampener Silencer)

UK Percussion Concepts Ltd

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Welcome to quiet practice with real cymbals.

Pack: ONE 22/23 inch WIDE RIDE Cymbomute Cymbal Mute
With DOUBLE WIDTH material for bigger (Ride) Cymbals.

FOLD IT FIRST - then stretch it around the rim of your 22" or 23" cymbal
Sound gone, Cymbal still there to play.


(To stop mutes flying off & pinging around!laughing)

Unique to Cymbomute is our specialist material.
The rim-fold needs to develop.
You will soon get the hang of fitting them:
fold Stretch play


Like sticks & drumheads, Cymbomute cymbal mutes are consumables.
Intensity of use affects lifespan.
No splinters cracks keep cymbals loose HiHat only top

stick angle no angry drumming



Need to replace or add to your set-up?
Cymbomute are available in sizes 6-24 inch Cymbomute,
The class leader in cymbal mutes. Designed & made in the U.K.